Possible questions to ask when interviewing someone about their life…


What is the name on your birth record?

What is your date of birth and birth place?

What is your marriage date and place?

Where did you grow up?

Do you have siblings?

If so, what are their names? Are you close to any of them? With whom did you spend the most time?

What are your parents’ names?

Parents’ birth dates and places and death dates and places? Do you know if and where they are buried?

Where did you go to school? Did you like school? What was your favorite subject in school?

Did you have any childhood experiences that shaped you?

Did you grow up with animals and if so, which was your favorite?

Did you grow up during the war? If so, how did it affect your existence?

Were either of your parents in the military? Were you in the military?

What did you want to be when you grew up? How many jobs have you had in your life?

Who were the most influential people in your youth?

Did you know your grandparents and/or great grandparents? If so, what do you remember most about them?

Did they ever tell you stories about their parents? If so, please elaborate.

Was your family close? Did you have reunions or gather for holidays? Did you have any traditions?

How did you meet your spouse? How long have you been married? Tell me about your wedding?

Who do you admire most in your life?

What is something that you always dreamed of doing but haven’t yet done?

If you could leave a list of the ten most important ingredients in life for your progeny, what would they be?

What are your three favorite books?

What are your three favorite movies of all time?

What would you like to be remembered for?

If you could “do over” one thing in your life, what would it be?

What are your three best memories?

How do you feel about being an American? Who was your favorite president?

What political party did you agree with most? Why? Did you ever get involved in politics or an issue?

Is there anything else you’d like your children and grandchildren to know about you and your life?