Scovill Merrill Buckingham
b: 10 AUG 1811
d: 27 APR 1889
The Buckingham Family: Descendants of Thomas 1872 by FW Chapman
Scovill Merrill Buckingham, son of John and Betsey (Scovill)Buckingham, born 8/10/1811; married Charlotte Ann Benedict, daughterof Deacon Aaron and Charlotte (Porter) Benedict, May 18, 18355; anestimable and excellent lady, of cultivated mind and pleasing manners. Mr. Buckingham, after leaving school, entered the store of theBrothers JML and WH Scovill, under those auspices he was trained tobusiness, and at the expiration of his minority was associated iwththe firm of JML and WH Scovill, afterwards The Scovill ManufacturingCo., of which he was for several years president, besides biengconnected with several other manufacturing concerns, attended iwthmore or less success, meanwhile assisting materially in building upWaterburn and its institutions, until he retired from active businessa few years since. he is regarded as a man of sound, practical sense,of enlarged views in his business intercourse, and by no meansbackward in enterprise or works of benevolence and public spirit.Extensively known at home and abroad he has exerted a healthyinfluence both as a man and citizen, doing credit to the town of whichhis is an honored representative.

Genealogical and Family History of the State of Connecticut, Vol. I-IV
(VIII) Scovill Merrill , son of Captain John Buckingham , was born atWatertown , August 10, 1811 . He was educated in the common schoolsand began life as clerk in the employ of J. M. L. & W. H. Scovill, hisuncles. When he came of age he continued with the firm and becamesuperintendent of the button factory. In 1839 or 1840 a co-partnershipwas formed under the name of Scovill & Company with a capital of$20,000 and he became one of the firm. He continued in this businessuntil the incorporation of the Scovill Manufacturing Company in 1850with a capital of $250,000, including the original firm, and thebutton company in which Captain John Buckingham was also interested.After the death of his uncles, he became president of the corporation.In 1868 he retired from the active management of the concern and wassucceeded as president by Samuel W. Hall . He was thoroughlyprogressive, very friendly to new enterprises and ready to aid themwith money and advice. In this way he materially aided in upbuildingWaterbury as an industrial center. He was director and president of anumber of manufacturing companies between 1848 and 1860 . He was adirector of the Waterbury National Bank and president of the PlymouthGranite Company. He took great interest in building dwelling housesand the block known as the Buckingham Block was the first of the kindin Waterbury . He was a substantial stockholder in the Naugatuckrailroad and the Hartford & Fishkill, now part of the New Havensystem. He was one of the prime movers and always a stockholder of theWheeler & Wilson Sewing Machine Company.
For nearly fifty years he held the office of warden of St. John'sProtestant Episcopal Church, succeeding his uncle, William H. Scovill, and was seldom absent from church services. He was a liberalcontributor and energetic worker in all the affairs of the parish. Heowned a fine farm a few miles west of the town and after he retiredfrom business he spent much time on this place, often working hardwith his men, and greatly enjoying the life outdoors. He gavegenerously to the building fund of Trinity College, Hartford , and tovarious other educational and charitable purposes.
He inherited his father's fondness for good horses and outdoor sportsand was an excellent shot. The weather vane of the Congregationalchurch, which stood where the Welton drinking fountain is now, had ahole through the star end, made by a bullet from his gun, fired fromthe steps of the Scovill store near the southeast corner of H. W.Scovill 's house. Years and business care sobered his spirit and hebecame the grave, sedate, scrupulously neat and refined personfamiliar to the elder ones of the present generation. "He could neverendure dirt or disorder. All his appointments, his place, thefactories in his charge, the roads leading to them, must be in goodcondition. He liked to have a share in keeping them so himself, andone of the most familiar sights to his neighbors during a period offifty years was Mr. Buckingham broom in hand pointing out things whichneeded attention". He died at Waterbury , April 27, 1889 .
He married, May 18, 1835 , Charlotte , daughter of Aaron Benedict .She died January 9, 1887 . Their whole married life of over fiftyyears was spent in their house on West Main street, built at the timeof their marriage. Child, John A. , mentioned below.
(IX) John A. , son of Scovill Merrill Buckingham , was born April 1,1839 , at Waterbury , died June 9, 1909 , in Watertown . He waseducated in the schools of Waterbury .
The following is taken from "Biographical Review" (Litchfield county): "John A. Buckingham , a retired business man, occupied a pleasantresidence situated opposite to the common in Watertown . He receivedhis education in the schools 1807 of Waterbury and at the age ofseventeen went to New York City , where he was for eight yearsemployed as salesman for the Scoville Manufacturing Company. He thenspent two years travelling in Europe and upon his return to the UnitedStates , he engaged in business in New York City , becoming an activeand successful operator among financiers of Wall street. After fifteenyears of prosperity in the metropolis, he relinquished businesspursuits and returned to his home in Watertown , where he occupied theold Warren place, so called, which is one of the most desirableresidence properties in this vicinity. He was both a prominent andpopular citizen, interested in the growth and development of the town,and gained the respect and good will of the community. He was anEpiscopalian in religion, as were his parents, and was a liberalsupporter of Christ's Church. He was a Republican in politics and wasactively interested in public affairs, but never aspired to politicalhonors.
"In 1869 Mr. Buckingham was united in marriage with Anne , daughter ofSamuel McLean , an extensive dry goods importer, of Brooklyn, New York, and granddaughter of Hon. Charles Chapman , of Hartford, Connecticut. Children: Scoville McLean and Charles Benedict . Scoville McLeanmarried Margaret , daughter of William McConway , of Pittsburg,Pennsylvania ; children: Mary and Margaret McLean . Charles Benedictmarried Agnes De Forest , daughter of John W. Curtiss ; children:Harriette Anne , John de Forest , Elizabeth Murray .
The family of Scovil , or Scovill , as it has been spelled in lateryears, is one of the most prominent in Waterbury, Connecticut . Fromthe first settlement of the town the name has been distinguished andin a later generation James Mitchell Lamson Scovill and William H.Scovill laid the foundation of the industrial greatness of the city ofWaterbury .
  • 10 AUG 1811 - Birth - ; Waterbury, CT
  • 27 APR 1889 - Death - ; Waterbury, CT
  • 1880 - Residence - Age: 68; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1870 - Residence - Age: 58 ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1860 - Residence - Age: 48 ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1850 - Residence - Age: 38 ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1880 - Residence - Age: 68; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Self ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1870 - Residence - Age: 58 ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1860 - Residence - Age: 48 ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
  • 1850 - Residence - Age: 38 ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut
  • 1840 - Residence - ; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
David Buckingham
14 MAR 1760 - 06 FEB 1832
John Buckingham Cpt
17 OCT 1786 - 03 MAY 1867
Chloe Merrill
1762 - 18 DEC 1841
Scovill Merrill Buckingham
10 AUG 1811 - 27 APR 1889
James Scovill
19 MAR 1764 - 26 NOV 1825
Betsey Scovill
12 MAY 1792 - 09 JUL 1880
Alathea Lamson
16 JAN 1766 - BET 1795 AND 1860
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Buckingham Cpt
Birth17 OCT 1786Waterbury, CT
Death03 MAY 1867 Watertown, CT
Marriage10 SEP 1809to Betsey Scovill at Waterbury, CT
FatherDavid Buckingham
MotherChloe Merrill
PARENT (F) Betsey Scovill
Birth12 MAY 1792Waterbury, CT
Death09 JUL 1880 Waterbury, CT
Marriage10 SEP 1809to John Buckingham Cpt at Waterbury, CT
FatherJames Scovill
MotherAlathea Lamson
FMary Buckingham
Birth17 MAY 1815Watertown, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Death30 JAN 1870Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut, USA
Marriage25 JUL 1862to Abram Ives
MScovill Merrill Buckingham
Birth10 AUG 1811Waterbury, CT
Death27 APR 1889Waterbury, CT
Marriage18 MAY 1835to Charlotte Anne Benedict at Connecticut
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Scovill Merrill Buckingham
Birth10 AUG 1811Waterbury, CT
Death27 APR 1889 Waterbury, CT
Marriage18 MAY 1835to Charlotte Anne Benedict at Connecticut
FatherJohn Buckingham Cpt
MotherBetsey Scovill
PARENT (F) Charlotte Anne Benedict
Birth27 MAR 1810Waterbury, CT
Death07 JAN 1887 Waterbury, CT
Marriage18 MAY 1835to Scovill Merrill Buckingham at Connecticut
FatherAaron Benedict Dcn.
MotherCharlotte Elliott Porter
MJohn Aaron Buckingham
Birth01 APR 1839Waterbury, CT
Death04 JUN 1899Watertown, CT
Marriage16 DEC 1869to Anne McLean at Brooklyn, NY
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Descendancy Chart
Scovill Merrill Buckingham b: 10 AUG 1811 d: 27 APR 1889
Charlotte Anne Benedict b: 27 MAR 1810 d: 07 JAN 1887
John Aaron Buckingham b: 01 APR 1839 d: 04 JUN 1899
Anne McLean b: 28 SEP 1847 d: 23 JAN 1935
Scovill McLean Buckingham b: 03 OCT 1876 d: 15 MAY 1965
Margaret McConway b: 01 MAR 1883 d: 18 OCT 1940
Scovill McLean "Mickey" Buckingham b: 11 JUN 1911 d: 08 FEB 1994
Mary Elizabeth Janssen b: 19 NOV 1917 d: 18 AUG 1978
John Eaton Buckingham b: 16 NOV 1949 d: 03 NOV 1968
Mary Buckingham b: 01 DEC 1907 d: 25 MAY 1967
Edward Earl Donstan b: 23 JUL 1903 d: 18 NOV 1968
Alden McLean "Moxie" Donstan b: 1934 d: 1957
Edward Earl Donston b: 09 NOV 1929 d: 25 JAN 1999
Peter Donston b: 07 AUG 1937 d: 04 OCT 2003
Allan Harkness Donston b: 13 FEB 1935 d: 05 SEP 1998
Anne Buckingham Donstan b: 19 APR 1931 d: 08 APR 1985
Jesse Grant b: 14 JUL 1898 d: 1978
Margaret McLean "Peggy" Buckingham b: 11 SEP 1909 d: 20 JUL 2007
Franklyn Sherwood Alexander b: 21 JAN 1910 d: FEB 1976
Josephine Alden Buckingham b: 24 MAR 1919 d: 02 JUN 1995
Wilbur Hinds Caney b: 05 APR 1915 d: 18 JUL 2006
Charles Benedict Buckingham b: 09 AUG 1878 d: 18 OCT 1936
Agnes DeForest Curtiss b: 23 SEP 1882 d: 03 SEP 1979
Elizabeth "betty" Murray Buckingham b: 9 JAN 1909 d: 26 DEC 2015
Agnes "Nancy" Curtiss Buckingham b: 19 SEP 1916 d: 05 MAY 2006
Henry Taft Snowdon b: 03 NOV 1912 d: 29 APR 1995
Henry Taft Snowdon Jr. b: 28 JAN 1947 d: 16 NOV 2011
John DeForest Buckingham b: 06 SEP 1907 d: 28 JAN 1994
Constance Leake b: 29 JAN 1908 d: 25 MAY 1962
Harriette Anne Buckingham b: 27 MAR 1906 d: 24 MAY 1983
John Norman Lindeke b: 09 FEB 1908 d: 17 AUG 1984
William Middlebrook Goss b: 17 SEP 1894 d: 04 JUL 1962
Charles Benedict Buckingham Jr. b: 22 DEC 1919 d: 22 DEC 1919